Testing Fees

With ICA Bremen, you are guaranteed a competitively priced service and we offer generous discounts for ICA and BBB members.

Testing Fees 
(per sample)For ICA & BBB 
Registered FirmsFor Non-Registered Firms
(min €20.00)€4.75
 (min €25.00)
 (min €20.00)€3.50 
(min €25.00)
Trash Test
(3 tests per sample)€60.00
 (3 tests per sample)
(2 tests per sample)€100.00
 (2 tests per sample)
Stickiness Test€45.00 
(3 tests per sample)€60.00 
(3 tests per sample)
(5 tests per sample)€100.00 
(5 tests per sample)
Manual Classing€3.75 
(min €20.00)€4.75 
(min €25.00)
Moisture Testing€26.50€33.50


DNA Testing

  • Screening and quantification for genetically modified cotton
  • Identification and quantification of Barbadense and Hirsutum cotton

Please contact us with your DNA testing requirements to receive a quote.

We also offer additional discounts to ICA and BBB members based on the cumulative number of samples* sent per calendar year.

Cumulative number of
samples* sent per calendar yearDiscount applied for ICA & BBB members
1 – 499Nil
500 – 99910%

*In calculating the cumulative number of samples, non-HVI samples will be converted to HVI equivalent based on their fees e.g. 1 AFIS single test is counted as 4 HVI equivalent tests. And 1 AFIS sample with the recommended 5 tests per sample is counted 20 HVI tests.

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