Payment Details

Due Date

Our invoices become due for payment without any deduction at the invoice date and should be paid within 7 days.


Payment is required by remittance or telegraphic transfer in full without deduction of payment charges. Payment charges must be absorbed by the client.
Payment in Euro by Visa, Master Card or American Express Credit Card will be accepted. Please provide us card number and expiry date.

Payment in Advance

We reserve the right to collect testing fees in advance from non-members of ICA or BBB.

Delayed Payment

In case of none payment within 30 days after invoice date we reserve our right to:
1) Charge overdue fines.
2) Cancel volume discounts.
3) Charge annual interest of 12 percent on the total invoice amount after 30 days of invoice date if payment is not received within 90 days of the invoice date.