Testing & Arbitration

Whether you are involved in producing, spinning, trading or controlling cotton, the ICA Bremen laboratory services are available to you.*

You can choose a variety of testing methods – including the full range of HVI testing.

Our testing fees are competitively priced and we offer a generous discount for ICA and BBB members. 

Simply complete our online application form and we will receive your request.

Your samples can be sent by post, airfreight or courier to the ICA Bremen laboratory.

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With ICA’s global reputation as an arbitral body and the quality expertise of BBB, you can trust ICA Bremen to deliver a high quality arbitration service if needed. You will receive an impartial and internationally recognised arbitration service that upholds the sanctity of contracts and promotes good trading practice.  You also gain our commitment to ensure that disputes are settled as quickly as possible.

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*Excluding any firm listed on the ICA List of Unfulfilled Awards: Part One