Zhangjiagang becomes first certified laboratory in China

Zhangjiagang Academy of Inspection and Detection joins Konstantinos V. Markou S.A., Cotton South Africa and Wakefield Inspection Services (Tashkent) Ltd to become certified under our ‘International Laboratory Certification Scheme’.

Designed to raise the bar in the quality testing arena, the aim of the scheme is to establish an approved list of laboratories worldwide that meet a standard level of quality assurance.

On receiving the news, Ms YANG Xiaoyun, Laboratory Manager at Zhangjiagang Academy of Inspection and Detection said; “The certification has recognised our laboratory’s professional level and will continue to help raise our standard in the future.  We will endeavor to reach our target to make the laboratory a world class, industry leading and impartial third party inspection organisation.”

We have developed the scheme based on our own laboratory experience, as well as the good practices of CSITC (Commercial Standardisation of Instrument Testing of Cotton), the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

Open to any international cotton testing laboratory, participating laboratories have to meet a level of quality assurance based on eight specific criteria, including conditioning, maintenance, calibration and testing procedures.

Twenty one laboratories are currently in the process of assessment. Once certified, they will become a ‘laboratory of choice’ to resolve quality disputes in line with the ICA Bylaws & Rules, as well as providing a service to the cotton industry.

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