Traceability solution at the ‘click of a button’

An inexpensive, full traceability system which will prove the authenticity of organic and other niche cottons could be in place by the end of the year as work by ICA Bremen continues on the project.

Kai Hughes, ICA Bremen Manager Director said: “More and more consumers want to be sure that the cotton product they have bought complies with their environmental and social expectations. Several ‘cotton identity programmes’, such as organic and niche cottons, try to assure the public of this via labelling, but the textile value added chain is very complex so this previously could not be accurately done.

“Working with our partner,UK based FibreMark Solutions, we have recently conducted laboratory tests to demonstrate that garments can immediately be verified and quantified to confirm their authenticity at the click of a button, using a simple scanner from a hand held reader or via a scan on the production line.

“And because there is no laboratory testing required, the associated time and cost of this is avoided – making this an inexpensive solution for the market.”

We have successfully proved the concept in laboratory trials and are now proceeding to full field trials.  If successful, and dependent on funding and partners, the product could be available later this year.

More developments will be announced in due course.