Registration opens for ‘Cotton Classing & Testing’ 2024

Registration for Cotton Classing and Testing Training 2024 is now open.

Registration for a comprehensive six-day training course has now opened. This course promises to provide participants with a valuable opportunity to gain expertise in the classing of cotton.

This course, scheduled for May 7-14, 2024, will be hosted at the prestigious Cotton Exchange in Bremen, Germany, a city with a rich history in the cotton trade. The course offers a range of in-depth modules, including HVI (High Volume Instrument) training and training in the manual classing of cotton. These modules are designed to equip participants with the latest knowledge and skills necessary for success in the cotton industry.

Jens Wirth (ICA Bremen), an expert in manual classing of cotton, will oversee the manual classing sessions. Speaking on this, He said “It’s essential to remember that a substantial portion of traded goods relies on manual classing, and typically only highly industrialized countries possess sufficient capacities for instrumental testing methods.’’ He also mentioned, “It was particularly gratifying during the last training to witness significant progress within a few days, as participants could successfully attribute various qualities to international cotton standards.” says Jens Wirth.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn the finer details of classing cotton manually, a crucial skill in ensuring the quality and consistency of cotton products. The HVI training will be conducted by the highly esteemed expert, Axel Drieling (FIBRE), who brings a wealth of experience in the field. Participants can expect to gain in-depth knowledge about HVI technology and its applications in the cotton industry.

This training course is expected to draw a diverse group of participants, including established cotton industry professionals, newcomers to the field, and anyone keen on expanding their knowledge of the cotton sector.

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