Reflecting on 2 Successful Sessions of ICA Bremen’s Cotton Classing & Testing Training 2024 in Vietnam 

In collaboration with VCOSA, ICA Bremen held two Cotton Classing & Testing Training courses in Vietnam in April 2024. These compact training courses, coordinated by industry specialists Mr. Jens Wirth and Dipl.-Ing. Axel Drieling, were designed to raise industry standards through rigorous theoretical and practical training. 

A total of two sessions were held in succession to accommodate various groups of participants from Vietnamese cotton and fibre enterprises. Both sessions covered the same curriculum. The training began with a basic introduction to global cotton classing standards before moving on to modern testing procedures, which are essential to assuring product quality in a competitive market.  

Each session blended informative lectures with interactive conversations, allowing attendees to interact directly with industry professionals. The conversations made it easier to discuss difficulties and international practices related to cotton testing. 

Participants could use advanced testing equipment under the direct supervision of Mr. Wirth and Dipl.-Ing. Drieling. These hands-on activities were created to mimic actual testing conditions, giving participants a chance to put their theoretical knowledge to use and boost their technical confidence. 

The participants gave positive feedback, especially on the practical aspects of the course. Attendees valued the ability to apply their latest information in real-world circumstances, which improved their learning experience and prepared them for real-world applications. One of the main contributing factors to the depth of understanding achieved during the course was our expert speakers’ ongoing encouragement. 

Thanks to the commitment and hard work of all the participants as well as the knowledgeable direction given by Mr. Jens Wirth and Dipl.-Ing. Axel Drieling. We are grateful to all attendees for their active engagement and to our speakers for their vital contributions.  

The ideas and conversations gained from this session have surely improved our understanding and will have a good impact on cotton industry practices.

We are committed to supporting the continuous professional growth of industry professionals worldwide as we develop and improve our training programs. 

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