One Hundred and fifteen laboratories participate in the ICA Bremen Round Trials

The Round Trials are open to all cotton testing laboratories in the world, offering an opportunity for each participant to compare their test results with approximately 150 other laboratories around the globe. They are the only international cotton round trials that not only include HVI, but also various other kinds of cotton testing methods, instruments, and parameters.

During the round test 2022-1, for the first-time trash testing methods have been integrated. Previously, trash results were only included with HVI and AFIS. However, there were 13 participants for Shirley method and 14 participants for MDTA3 method. Going forward, the gravimetric test methods such as the simple test according to the Shirley trash tester principle or a division into trash, dust and fibre fragments with the MDTA-3 principle are also included.

Speaking on this, Axel Drieling of FIBRE said “The Bremen Round Trials have since their start in the 1950s always been the best opportunity to compare test results between laboratories for nearly all kind of test methods.  I am happy that we can now cover an even wider range, including gravimetric trash measurement. And we will continue including new test methods as soon as they get commercially important.”

The results of the 2022 -1 ICA Bremen Round Trials show a relatively high scatter between results. This could be partly due to the material, but also due to the application. It is believed that that can be reduced by further laboratory participation in Round Trials resulting in a harmonisation in the results.

To find out more detailed on the 2022-1 Round Trials results, follow the ITMF International Committee meeting for Cotton Testing Methods on 27 September 2022 in Bremen, Germany. This will be presented as part of the Cotton Week surrounding the International Cotton Conference Bremen.

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