New Yarn Testing Instrument in Bremen

The laboratory of Faserinstitut Bremen e. V. (FIBRE) located in the Bremen Cotton Exchange building have recently obtained an instrument for yarn testing called the ‘Statimat 4U’ of Textechno.

The Statimat 4U instrument is suitable for analysing the tensile strength and linear density of various yarns. Compared to common yarn testers (e.g. Textechno Statimat ME or Uster Tensorapid) technical, filament and similar yarns can be tested fully automatically for very coarse or high tenacity with a maximum force of 5000N; also, in large batches. The execution of ordinary standard examinations regarding for example cotton is possible as well.

Our objective is for customers of both the Bremen Fibre Institute and ICA Bremen to be able to request miscellaneous tests on cotton, wool and synthetic yarns next to our existing fibre analysis using this new instrument.

Axel Drieling, of FIBRE, explained: “It is the FIBRE’s aim to incorporate yarn testing in its testing portfolio. In our opinion, there were several reasons in favor of the Statimat 4U of Textechno: On the one hand we have already been collaborating trustfully with this company that has been a leading manufacturer for yarn testing instruments. On the other hand, the Statimat 4U enables us to perform flexible and comprehensive analyses on our newly developed yarns. It is the perfect combination for our tasks in research as well as in commercial testing”.

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