New AFIS testing equipment in our lab

The ICA Bremen laboratory now offers tests with the AFIS PRO 2 by Uster.

AFIS testing is a single fibre testing instrument that uses unique measuring technology to deliver detailed, meaningful and precise quality data in addition to cotton classification and for cotton processing.

Many leading mills depend on AFIS for optimising product quality, mill efficiency and production costs. Data from the manufacturer, Uster, showed that after optimising mill processes, waste had been reduced leading to a 5% reduction in raw material use and yield improvement of almost 4%.

AFIS PRO 2 offers additional information besides HVI, testing and analysing the critical fibre raw material parameters for cotton spinning, delivering an industry leading level of accuracy to:

  • Maximise the yield potential of raw material consumed in yarn manufacturing
  • Optimise your processes to balance between cost and quality
  • Control maintenance costs with accurate and reliable data to make sound maintenance decisions
  • Allow you to better manage your profit margin
  • Give assurance to retail suppliers

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