Research and Development

Research & Development

We have a strong link with research and development thanks to our partnerships with the Bremen Fibre Institute (FIBRE) and Impetus Bioscience.

DNA testing services

We have recognised that the traceability of cotton varieties in the different processing stages is becoming increasingly important, with the need for suitable and reliable analytical tools becoming greater. Through our partnership with Impetus Bioscience, a private company specialising in DNA analysis, we can offer a range of analytical tools to test the DNA of cotton in different stages of producing garments*.

Depending on the process stage of the garment, this can include the identification of genetically modified cotton and the differentiation of Pima and Gossypium Barbadense cotton species.

* With each step of processing, additional factors may affect the ability to differentiate the DNA and the probability of a suitable detection is successively decreased

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Other Cotton & Fibre related research

FIBRE has a worldwide reputation in fibre and textile research. Our partnership with the Institute provides us with the tools and parameters to conduct cotton related research, as well as investigating a wide range of fibre related research. We are confident that this research will be of interest and benefit the global cotton community.

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