2 new measuring devices for ICA Bremen lab

Our laboratory has been provided with two new measuring devices for a 12 month period; Cottonscope (courtesy of Australian Cottonscope Pty Ltd) and a Regain Tester (courtesy of Branca Idealair). 

Cottonscope ultimately enables the determination of fineness and the distribution of major fibres. “Immature fibres are weaker and flat and therefore develop fibre neps more easily during processing than mature fibres. They do not absorb additional dyes very well, thus leading to imperfection in the colourisation of yarns and fabrics,” said Axel Drieling, Senior Manager Cotton and Head of Fibre Testing at the Bremen Fibre Institute (FIBRE).

In the past, the company Cottonscope has predominantly gained its reputation by developing instruments to measure wool fibres. The introduction of new equipment for cotton testing has attracted a lot of attention, especially on the scientific level and the use for other natural fibres as well as synthetic fibres could be of interest too.

The Regain Tester (pictured) measures the moisture level of cotton samples (as well as other fibers and yarns) using an automatic oven method. “In contrast to the conventional method, the Regain Tester enables the examination of larger samples with regard to their moisture values automatically, quickly and without operator influence. Moreover, the device can be used for the determination of the trading weight of other fibres,” noted Axel Drieling.

Karsten Froese (ICA Bremen) stated: “We thank Cottonscope and Branca for their deep faith in our high-grade capability. These two testing methods support our quality testing to meet with rising quality requirements in the processing stages of yarn and fabric production as well as dyeing and finishing processes. They also add to ICA Bremen’s expertise as an international centre for cotton quality.”

The new devices will run through intensive practical tests and their quality analyses will be offered to interested customers. Customers who may be interested in the analyses from these new devices are cotton producers, spinning industries and traders. After 12 months of successful testing, the devices may be purchased by ICA Bremen.

If you would like to enquire to have your cotton tested using these devices, please email

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